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To our daughters, I want you to use Keep Pressin' Pretty as a way to encourage yourself to rise above peer pressure, adversity, and the things you are suffering with that you can't explain. I want you to love yourself, and believe you can do whatever you set your mind to. I also want you to use Keep Pressin' Pretty as a way to encourage other girls around you. You don't have to put each other down, in order to lift yourself up, but you and the girls around you can rise together, uplifting and supporting one another. You are beautiful no matter what color you are, race you are, or nationality. Believe and you will achieve. So Keep Pressin' Pretty!!!

Woman in Yellow
Friends at Camp
Tug of War
Raising a Hand


Our mission is to empower young girls to believe in themselves, love the skin their in, respect themselves and others. We encourage girls to  support each other and use Keep Pressn' Pretty to accomplish these things. 

Keyboard and Mouse


Our vision for these girls is to see them thrive mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If they believe in themselves and operate in their unique gifts and talents, they won't be insecure and try to bully or tear down one another. 

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