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KP Collections was a dream come true for Kisha Prince (KP). She has a passion for fashion and also love to inspire people. KP started this online store in 2013 and she is progressively expanding the brand with bigger and better things. Kisha Prince is an up and coming stylist who want to help people reach their full "image" potential. KP Collections provides a way to collect clothing that not only speaks for itself, but speaks to you and for you. KP Collections is a place where you can get styled, collect items designed or collected by KP, and also a means or an avenue in which you can enrich your lifestyle through conferences called "The Power of Image Cultivating Champions Conference" (POI3C). This conference was birthed in 2016 out of pain, test and trials, joy, education, and a love for helping people. KP along with other experienced professionals from all walks of life talk about image, empowerment, health, relationships, business and so much more to inspire people to think better, believe better, do better, be better, get better,  in order to give better. So with all that being said; If you are a collector of classy chic clothing, need a stylist/personal shopper or you or someone you know need to reevaluate life or need motivation to be the best you, KP Collections is just the spot to explore. We pride ourselves in having excellent service and hopefuly we can serve you one day. Thank you for coming to our site, and we hope you become a KP Collector.                                            
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