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My self-esteem, like so many other’s was tied to another person. It was tied to that boyfriend that cheated on me, it was tied to the rejection of a love one I trusted. It was tied to that person looking better than me or climbing the mountain of success faster than me. I tore myself down looking at someone else when I should have built myself up looking at me. Once I stood in the mirror and looked at me, I realize that I was good enough by seeing what God placed in me. I no longer looked to the left or the right of me but I realize that I was in completion with myself. I was running a race with myself and as soon as I look at or envied someone else, I just slowed down the race with me. God made me sufficient, which means I am enough for what he has planned for me. I am enough for him to fulfill his purpose in my life. I am enough for him to die and save me, I am enough for him to open up doors for me that no man can shut, I am enough to be happy, I am enough for him to use me. When he made me he saw himself therefore I AM ENOUGH.


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