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What is your color?

What’s your color? Not what’s your favorite color, but what is the colors that looks the most flattering on you? That color that you put on that draws people to you like bees to honey. What’s that color that make you look in the mirror and say “I know I look good”? What’s that color that compliments your skin tone and puts a smile one your face. I love the way red make me feel. It brings out my confidence and works well on my chocolate skin. There is a school of thought that dark women should only wear black but that is simply a myth. I experiment with a variety of colors but I know for certain that warm, deep, rich colors work well for me. When I go to the store and shop, I am very particular of what color palates are going to compliment me the best. Find your color. It’s like finding the right man or women, it represents you and compliments you well.

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