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Find the purpose in your pain.

Greetings on this magnificent Monday.I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are ready to be great this week. Over the weekend I was reflecting on how blessed I am inspite of all the things I've gone through, God has shown his purpose in my life through the pain I've endured. I want to empower you to find purpose in your pain.

I have gone through a lot of @#$% (fill in the blank with whatever you see fit) in my life that cause much pain and shame. I have been depressed and contemplated suicide to end the temporary pain that I thought was going to last forever. I didn’t want to go through anymore; I didn’t want to look in the mirror because I saw shame and pain, and that reminded me of all the things I had been though. I know I'm not the only one that have experienced this. My pain was so deep and shame was kicking my butt so bad, that I felt powerless. But, how many of you know that joy was closer than I thought and my purpose was being defined. Sometimes pain and shame can be so familiar that even though we hate the way it feels it can become a comfort zone. We get so stuck on Pain street that when God is trying to pick us up to take us to Joy road we buck up against him because pain has us complacent. Pain and shame is no longer just how we feel but it becomes our abuser. You can get so use to it that it gains control over your present, It constantly reminds you of your past and debilitate us from our destiny. Its always trying to hold you down, and if you try to leave, you start blaming yourself and find excuses to wallow in it just a little longer.

But can somebody say DELIVERENCE! Through God's grace I was able to break free from the pain that was like chains that had me bound in a certain moment in time. I'm asking, no begging you to channel your pain into your God given purpose . You have the power to overcome the pain and be released from the shame. I know pain is going to beg you to stay because it is selfish in that way, but you have to break free, not just for you but for the people you dragged down when pain was dragging you (i.e. your children, friends, husband or wife). I know shame is going to rear it's ugly head, but don’t worry about how people are going to look at you and who is going to judge, because the power behind your image comes from the purpose in your pain. GOD is going to turn shame into a shout and your pain into power. It is a reason why you went through hell and back. It is a reason why it hurt the way it did. What the devil meant for evil, God is working it out for your good. The best of you is going to come from the worst of what you went through.

Now I live on Joy road, where my neighbors live on Peace Court, Fearless Point, and Happiness Blvd. Now I pass by Pain street and Shame Ave with a smile on my face knowing I have the POWER to not go down that road again. I’m not saying that life will be a bed of roses, and I won’t ever feel pain again, but I just don’t have to live on the block and set up shop because I found my purpose.

Keep Pressin’ Pretty, KP

Dress: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Nine West

Drapped Pearls: Walmart

Belt: The limited

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