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I have blue fever

I love mixing different shades of the same color with different textures and patterns. I choose different hues of blue today. Blue was the mood of the day because the weather is dreary and overcast. I shopped my closet and chose to put midnight blue corduroy at the bottom of my ensemble with the lighter blue polka dots. The dots make my pants glow and pop. I put a navy belt with a touch of sparkle on the buckle for detail. I partnered that with a denim button down that has a pop of rhinestone on the lapel, along with a rhinestone necklace.....I love to sparkle. My favorite part of this outfit is the over-sized long (faux) fur vest that raised the chic factor of the entire ensemble. I hope you're fashionably enjoying your day.

Keep Pressin' Pretty,


Fur vest:

Denim shirt: Ann Taylor

Corduroy pants: Ann Taylor

Booties: BCBG

Rhinestone Necklace: Target

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