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Its not the dress I wear that's important, but its the way in which I wear it that is most signi

I realized a long time ago that you can have all the latest fashion trends and a closet full of shoes but be the most unkind, selfish and unhappy person in the world. You let the clothes prop you up and fulfill your temporal satisfaction of love but you ended up just as empty as you were when you put on that Gucci belt or Louis Vuitton bag. It was never about the clothes or how much you accumulated over the years, but it was about you as a person feeding the insecure person that lived inside of you. You thought that the clothes was going to make you more popular or more important but it only gave you a false sense of purpose and security. Now its time to build yourself. No more using external elements like clothes, bags and shoes to cultivate you internally. Who is the person without all those novelties and trinkets. I'm talking about your character, the person you're trying to cover up. Lets peel off all the external layers and deal with that person and hopefully you will say:

Keep Pressin' Pretty.



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