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Welcome to Keep Pressin' Pretty. I am so honored that you took time out of your busy schedule to grace our blog with your presence. We are a brand that EMPOWERS women and girls alike to keep pressin towards the mark for their ultimate prize. But we wanted to take it a step further and encourage you to stay pretty while you're pressin'. 

I came up with "Keep Pressin' Pretty" at ae in my life where I had to encourage myself. I didn't feel pretty, I wasn't motivated to be my best me and life was throwing darts at me from all angles. My self-esteem wasn't the best, and I thought I wasn't good enough to fulfill my dreams. However, I started writing down my thoughts and the things I felt about myself. I started writing down affirmations and scriptures to motivate the inner greatness in me. In addition, I adore fashion and I come alive when I put something on that brings out my confidence, and makes me feel good. I combined the words that uplifted and strengthened my inner person with the fashion I like to see on my outer person and told my self to KEEP PRESSIN PRETTY. I realized that you can mask how you feel about yourself with dresses, lipstick and blush only for so long. Your external will eventually crumble if your internal is not rooted and grounded in something greater than yourself. Whatever has been deposited in you will eventually be withdrawn through how you walk, talk, dress and live. So in order to KEEP PRESSIN' PRETTY,  you have to love yourself from the inside out. In life, filled with bills, your 9-5 politics, social and political issues, family crisis and so much more craziness, things can get ugly quick. You began to doubt yourself potential, your worth and feel like giving up. This blog is going to demonstrate, motivate and curate through fashion, weekly words of motivation, and style  to help every women and little girl to not only KEEP PRESSIN', but to KEEP PRESSIN PRETTY. You and I are everything God called us to be and with every step we take he is going to make two in our life. He is going to double the investment, once we invest in ourselves and I hope you enjoy what you read and what you see and it helps you like it helps me. Keep Pressin' Pretty!! 

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