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Ebony and Ivory goes together in prefect harmony.

Well it is that time of year again where people are gearing up for the holidays and there are some amazing deals at the stores right now. People are not waiting for black Friday to get a great deal but they are shopping them now. I was able to get an amazing deal on this BCBG black rocker vest that originally went for $289 but I snatched it for only $29.00 plus tax. I wanted to do a dance at the register. It was marked down to $59.90 and when it was rung up the lady told me that it was cheaper than what the tag said and I received an extra 25% off. At this point I was so over joyed I could have danced on the counter. Can you tell I get happy over sales. Well clearly I was excited. Then I said I'll match it up with my $9.99 poka dot top that I got from H&M. 

Ladies you can look good on a budget, you just have to have an eye for it. Don't think you have to pay top dollar for every piece you buy. Save your coins, look cute on a budget and keep pressin' pretty.

Poka dot top: H&M

Bcbg leather vest: Nordstrom Rack

Faux suede Boots: Kohls

Glasses: Amazon

Clutch: Don't remember. Had it for years.

Jeans: Target

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