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OUTFIT|| Sunday Drama

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day and pressin' pretty The sun is out and the weather is mild in Michigan so it's a great day to take blog photos. Im going to began with how I put this casual ebony and ivory outfit together for church and then tell you about my interesting Sunday morning worship experience today. Well, I really didn't know what I was going to wear today. I usually lay my clothes out the night before but I was busy doing homework that I couldn't get looks together. I knew I was going to wear black and white because that was my mood but didn't know what pieces I was going to put together. I was looking for something easy, non-restrictive and good for this mild to medium fall weather. I bought this very soft turtleneck from target "Black Friday" for 10 bucks. You know I jumped on it. Then I took out some Calvin Klein Ivory slacks that I've had for a minute. I bought this warm and stylish kimono from Anthropologie that topped off my look. I put a simple pair of pearls with matching pearl studs on with some black pumps from Nine West and you get my chic and relaxed outfit. I hope you guys enjoy the look. 

Now let me tell you about what happened in church. First off, I go to a very large church that hold about 8000 people. It's always difficult to find a seat. I usually sit in the balcony so I can have a high time in worship....get it....high time. Anyway, today I sat behind a man and a women who was literally making out with each other the whole service. They kissed one time and I thought it was inappropriate but didn't think nothing of it. But after about 20 kisses later on the lips I was disgusted. They were literally making out in church. I thought I was in the back of a dark theater with two hot pants teenagers. I wish I was playing but I am so serious. All you heard was Amen from the people behind me and kissing in front of me. I wanted to ask them to get a room and spare my eyes of such inappropriateness and disrespect in church. 

It took everything in me not to go off on them. Then the woman brought out her lotion and start messaging his hands. I had to hold my composure and sit back in my seat and keep saying Amen to remind myself I was in church. Anyway I was just happy when my Pastor said I'll see you next week. I rushed out the door. 

Other than the unusual day I had at church Im having a wonderful day. I hope you all are preparing for the week and so you van continue to be great and KEEP PRESSIN' PRETTY!!!

Thats my doggie Sophie at the door trying to get out. 

Turtleneck: Target

Slacks: Calvin Klein

Peep toe pumps: Nine West

Pearls: JcPenny

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