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Hey my pretty ladies!!! Are you trying to figure out what to wear for that New Year's Eve bash and you want to look fly but you're looking in your closet and you're asking yourself what should I wear........ well take out one of your sweaters and pair it with a another top up underneath. I chose to take a black medium haired stretchy sweater with rhinestones and paired it with a satin sleeveless bow top. It is warm yet chic, sexy and it adds a little spice to your ordinary sweater. I then paired it with a some sequence joggers. These joggers are so comfortable, yet so fashion forward and sharp. I put those with some black opaque stockings and some black patent leather booties. Remember to put all one color on your lower half to elongate your stature if your legs are short like mine.

I accessorized this look with a dark fuchsia wool floppy hat for a pop of color with a cute black bow around the brim for detail and a purse made of faux fur that also converts into a muff for this cold weather. This look made a statement all by itself and I'm sure yours will too. 

Here's the fashion tea:

Sweater (had it for over 5 years) from The Limited. Satin top (had it over 5 years) from JCPenny. Sequins joggers currently at Booties (had it for over 5 years) Faux fur purse/muff is currently at TJMaxx. Earrings can be found at Target.

Keep Pressin Pretty.😘 

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