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Get your life ladies with spring outerwear inspiration. I am so anticipating spring, warm weather, flowers blooming, fresh grass and everything that spring has to offer.  I have been looking around for coats and jackets for the spring and I have come across some very lovely jackets, capes and trench coats to inspire you this spring to spice up your wardrobe.  We have stripes...we have floral... we have different bright colors and one of my favorites that I believe goes with anything is the Khaki trench cape. You can dress your outfit up with a stylish Khaki  cape or dress it down. Some of these coats are from this season and some of these coats are from past season's, but they will work all the same. Be inspired by all the prints, colors,  and texture of some of the coats. I truly believe that a nice coat pulls together an outfit and tops off your look. So slay for the spring and Keep Pressin Pretty.😘 

For the tea on this floral duster coat go to

For the tea on this green trench go to 

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