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Have you ever cleaned out your closet and found something cute you forgot you had. Well that's what happened when I cleaned out my closet two days ago and found this pink peplum leather vest. It is perfect for today's sunshine/cool breezy day in Michigan. The color pink makes everything look pretty. That makes me think how amazing and impacting colors can be on the mind and how it can draw people to you or cause people to stay away. I am very deliberate in the colors I wear. I know what colors compliment me and bring a certain type of energy to me. Colors can make you seem, dreary, sad or depressed but other colors are vibrant that bring happiness, peace, and excitement. Be conciencious about the colors you choose for yourself because it can effect your mood and energy. #keeppressinpretty 😘 

Here's the fashion tea....

Vest: INC INTERNATIONAL at Macys  (about 6 years old)


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