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Kimono Set for a Girls Night.

You can never go wrong with a kimono set for a fun and entertaining night with your girls. My girlfriend Mary said I should wear flats (with rhinestones of course) but that would be totally out of my character for a night outing. I didn't go stiletto, but I decided on a nice wedge with silver studs. I was not only comfy cozy in this kimono set, but it was stylish and chic. I was always hesitant in buying a kimono set, because it reminded me of a glorified pajama set, but I'm so glad that I did. The satin silk feel felt so good against my body and I was able to move and dance so freely without pulling and tugging on my outfit to adjust things back into place.

Keep Pressin' Pretty and Slay From the Inside Out

Here's the fashion tea:

Bar III Kimono Set: Macy's

Michael Kors Wedges: Dillards (a few summers ago)

Wooden (Boat) Handbag: Amazon

Photographer: Naja Prince

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