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Welcome! I am glad you stopped by.

In 2021 I released my debut book,  Keep Pressin' Pretty, about my healing journey after my divorce. I am happy to say that it instantly became a bestseller on Amazon! This book has helped many people overcome and press forward after heartbreak and trauma. Keep Pressin' Pretty is my affirmation, confirmation, and reiteration of the power inside of me to overcome anything. It is not just an affirmation to encourage myself and others but can be worn as a badge of honor that symbolizes perseverance and courage. I keep this affirmation in my mind and heart to remind myself how far I've come.    


I am so excited to announce my newest book, Unleash Your Greatness. It is an interactive, solution-focused journal that is going to help you document your story in a purpose-driven way. It will help you heal your wounds, rebuild your life, and thrive beyond your past. This is a must-have. You can order your copy today. 


I have also started a divorce coaching service to help those who have gone through heartbreak. I will help you design a plan to heal and thrive past despair.  


When I'm not writing, speaking, or coaching, I enjoy traveling, shopping, watching a good movie, and hanging out with family and friends.

Let's stay in touch. Follow me on Instagram @keeppressinpretty and Facebook @authorkishaprince.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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