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Choose In Podcast with Roxanne Kennedy Granata: Episode 71-Getting What You Wish For and Desire is Possible

Getting what you wish for and desire is possible when we surrender and allow God to work miracles in our life. My guest Kisha Prince, Author of Keep Pressin’ Pretty and After-Divorce Coach talks about the amazing potential and life you can live when you allow God to move you, when you accept in your worth that you are so amazing, and live your life full of impact. You have so much to give! Build your strength with courage and get out there and be the best you possible. 

Project Rise UP

GGM and #RiseUp is showcasing Kisha Prince who founded, Keep Pressin Pretty (AFashion Blog), and is a Published Author of the book, Keep Pressin Pretty-A Guide to Slay From the Inside Out!! Her book describes how God helped her overcome and thrive in spite of a traumatic experience. Her unexpected divorce tried to steal her faith, but in this book she describes the process that God took her through for inner healing and peace. This book speaks to everyone, and it empowers you to endure and attain victory through challenging experiences.

How To Slay From The Inside Out After Divorce

In this incredibly inspiring episode, Kisha shares how she reinvented herself from the inside out after her divorce (a divorce that happened during the global pandemic) and went on to write a #1 best-selling book to inspire people all around the world to heal and thrive after heartbreak!    Listen to this episode for Kisha's power and testimony of how anyone can overcome life trials. Get ready to be inspired after your heartbreak to slay from the inside out!  

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