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Grab this Amazon #1 best-seller!

Are you trying to recover after divorce? Are you uncertain about what to do next?


Do you want to reinvent yourself after becoming newly single?

You are not by yourself. I was trying to navigate through my emotions while trying to figure out life again after my divorce. I knew I didn't want this life-altering period in my journey to define who I was or whom I would become.


I had to take a long hard look in the mirror and be willing to do what it took to heal and grow. I didn't want to dress up my pain and slay externally but be a mess and broken internally. I desired to slay from the inside out-- mind, body, and soul. 


I want to walk hand in hand with you to help you do the same as you read this book.


Keep Pressin' Pretty: A Guide On How to Slay from the Inside Out is my testimony of God loving and guiding me through a very dark and painful transition. I not only recovered after the divorce, but I was able to rebuild and use my story to help others. Full of raw emotions, life lessons, and spiritual tools, this book will be your guide to overcoming and becoming the treasure in your tragedy of divorce. 

Gather your book club, and make sure to order your copies today!

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